Its Her Melanin is a social media movement created by TishaJayy a young creative who was born and raised in Leicester, England and who is of Caribbean decent. TishaJayy is a keen writer but never did she think one of her poems & life experiences would lead to the birth of ‘It’s Her Melanin’ & her baptism but it did. Prior to and since writing the poem TishaJayy came into contact with various women of colour , who told stories of battling with mental health issues as a result of being treated negatively due to the colour of their skin. Thus ‘It’s her melanin’ was born, TishaJayy wanted to create a safe place for all ages of women of colour whom may or may not be christian to come and feel empowered by the colour of their skin whilst being educated in ways that could help prevent or manage mental health issues with a mix of basic therapy tools and Christian beliefs.

TishaJayy is currently working in a primary school as 1:1 teaching assistant but is due to start a Drama therapy Ma in Sep 2016, God willing this will equip her to one day open her own therapy practice under the umbrella of ‘It’s Her Melanin’.  The practice will be for Women of colour, people of colour and Christians serving as an empowerment therapy and/or a therapy that helps to deal with mental health issues people of colour may be facing.

Mission Statement of ‘It’s Her Melanin’:

  • To help promote the positive representations of women of colour.
  • To bring Glory to God through personal testimony, the christian belief system and scripture.
  • To provide women with a safe environment to seek community and like minded others.
  • To allow the healthy discussion surrounding women of colour’s issues within pop culture and society today.
  • To produce creative content that provoke thought good/bad about the issues 21st century women of colour face.