My course structure

Hey Queens and kings,

I hope your week has been full of blessings, lessons and hard work. As for me, my week has been ok, basically my body has been failing me but I’m still smiling. You know the drill grab a ginger beer or two, check out last weeks post if you have not already and then come back and join me, as always I will wait.

oh you’re back,  hey boo boo!! so my course structure *currently rolling my eyes* HAHA!


For many practical reasons but also reasons that don’t make any sense, structure seems to create calm. Structure gives us westerners the illusion of safety and it highlights our dependancy on controlled outcomes. Education seems to have an over riding macro structure but also micro structures that are for different institutions (primary schools, secondary schools, colleges etc). Therapy and faith are exactly the same, even though some might not like to admit it (yup I just threw Le shade).

My course

As most of you know I am a trainee dramatherapist and currently studying on a two year programme. During my first year (now) I have been on four modules; practice studio, theory, placement and experiential. Practice studio is where we take apart and facilitate dramatherapy sessions, theory is where we discuss theoretical standpoints, placement is where we are prepared for the placements we do but later develops into supervision and experiential is where we …..hmmm to be honest it’s a lot of things but in a nutshell it is whatever we make it.

The second year (my next academic year) is a lot more independent and I can only imagine it’s so much more intense. We will have four modules; theories, placement, experiential and Independent scholarship which will serve as a triple module. The Independent scholarship is a huge research project that is for me to research into a subject matter that I am interested in.

Hidden extras

The title sounds a little dodgey but it’s really not meant to LOL. For me, a lot of hidden extras from the course were to do with self reflection and YES I am going to be the black girl who goes there …MONEY! So money, the one thing I hate; I would recommend having a part time job whilst studying for your masters. Especially because we have to pay for our own therapy and fund the course ourselves (if you do not apply for a student loan). Self reflection, this one is probably the biggest, whilst I’m a person who loves to observe and hear the story of others, when it comes to myself I HATE it. During the first three months of doing my masters I faced such ugly parts of myself through self reflection but I also faced parts of myself which I didn’t realise existed but loved once I found them.

The support I got/get when it came/comes to money and how to safely practice self reflection was amazing. Support came from of course the uni lecturers but also other students on the course. Something that surprised me was the support from my family and not because my family support is lacking but because I didn’t think they would get it. Oh boo boo how I was wrong, for some reason the more I progressed on the course, the more I was able to express myself to my family and the better we bonded.

Lack of socialising -so during undergrad 40% of the course was socialising (kinda false), with this postgrad everything changes! You hardly see family let alone friends but if you have ‘iron that sharpen iron’ type of friends then they will understand. The friends you meet on the course almost turn into a weird family that see each other once a week but also know your deepest secrets and flaws. What’s even weirder is how natural it is and I know, I know this could just be unique to my year group and course but hey it happened. Yes we have our ups and downs, yes some people get on better than others do and yes it can be draining but it is 100% worth it.


I cannot wait, even though the process is the main part, I still am so eager to get to graduation. It’s like when you’re a kid learning to ride your bike and you want your stabilisers off so you can just GO GO GO! Yeah, that’s how I am feeling.  On that note it’s time for me to finish off an article I am reading but first let me leave you with a verse that has been on my mind all week:

“Be still and know that I am God” – Psalm 46:10

peace and love Queens and kings

TishaJayy xx


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