Faith vs Therapy

Hey Queens and Kings,

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No matter what religion you belong to, no matter what way of life you adhere to and no matter what your opinions are on either subject, lets all agree that we all have faith in something. It could be in God, it could be in yourself or it could even be the faith you put in the people you care about most. Shade throwers don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about because you do, if you like let me just give you an example: you like food right? and you have faith that food will sustain you ? Okay now the shade throwers are on board let me carry on.

Personally my faith lies in a lot of things but ultimately, my faith is in my relationship with God; yes for those who don’t believe in God it may sound completely stupid and delusional but it’s my life, let me live yo! Not all the time but most of the time my faith in God as my refuge, provider and pops allows my stress and anxiety to be reduced a hell of a lot and also helps me to be bold, humble and happy with being a christian. The more I pray (talk to God) the more my faith in him grows and the more I have faith in God the more I WANT pray to him. Now WANT is the key word here, even though I see physical results from faith and prayer (getting an amazing placement at the last minute and my family coming through hard REALLY HARD times to say the least), the main reason I pray before I leave my bed everyday and have two praise sessions on my way to and from work, placement or uni is because I genuinely WANT a relationship with my pops. Let me quickly give you a testimony just in case you didn’t know I’m black, I’m also on social media, I have known and gotten used to death from a very young age and I’m a christian. The amount of rubbish I see on a daily basis from racist whether it be on an ignorantly micro level (institutional – in a lot of institutionalised groups I am still, in 2017, the minority and I’m talking the only black person) or at a macro level (seeing police officers unlawfully stop and search people I Know, being verbally racially attacked, to seeing other black people being killed and tortured for no other reason than having the very skin colour I do), If I did not have my faith I would not be the strong mentally, physically and emotionally black woman I am today.

So, when I previously said jokingly, let me live yo! In reference to my faith, for me it’s a lot more serious, If didn’t have my face I would still be doing things that are not me, I would still have a low opinion of myself as a black person and as a woman and I also believe ‘ItsHerMelanin’ would not have been born. So, to me my faith in God is my core and what keeps me, unapologetically me!

P.s before you let your preconceived notions of christians that have done you wrong cloud your judgment of me, get to know me.

You may need another can of ginger beer by now…


I feel like this one will be even harder, a lot of people hear the word of therapy and quickly reply with ‘there’s nothing wrong with me, I don’t need that’ or when there is something that stereotypically seems like therapy ‘gold’, people will say ‘what happens in my house stays in my house’. Both statements are ones that can be so damaging to personal growth. Don’t get me stared on when people hear the term ‘Dramatherapy’ they automatically create an image of a group of misfits being misfitty (shade throwers, I create words so hush) or they look at you blankly and you can just hear them thinking ‘What the heck is that?!’

Dramatherapy (when done properly) is a safe and contained exploration of anything from emotions, everyday situations, traumatic experiences and relationships using drama techniques and It can be done on a 1:1 basis or within a group. Now as a part of my course I have to be in therapy which I was really excited about and still am excited about. Therapy has become something that I have faith in, yes faith, because it helps me be active in evolving into who I am mean to be. It helps me to reflect on myself, accept who I am and appreciate the process, don’t get me wrong it can be hard and evoke emotions that may be painful but it is worth it. There are so many different types therapies out there but to name a few there is of course Dramatherapy, artstherapy, musictherapy and dancetherapy, these are all creative arts therapies as they use other mediums in sessions and are not restricting by only using talking strategies which some people may prefer (though talking therapies can be very beneficial for some people, it just depends on what you as an individual prefer).

But Tisha which do you prefer? c’mon dish the dirt!

Now I know you will either be for one or the other, but for me it’s a lot more complex than that, I can see you all rolling your eyes because you know what’s coming…. which one wins for you Tisha therapy or faith? To put it plainly my faith is apart of my therapy and Dramatherapy has allowed me to mature in my faith. Obviously nothing comes before my faith in God but therapy is also major in what works for me. If it was not for Dramatherapy, among other things I would not still be going to church, in fact I don’t think I would have lasted this long on my course if it wasn’t for my faith in GOD. In short they are both ingredients in my infinity.

What happens when faith runs low and therapy is jarring? 

This part of the blog is easy, In regards to faith I have a whole family that I can turn to (family, church people and friends) and these aren’t people who are just going to tell me that my faith is low because I’m in secret sin or that It’s a spiritual attack so get over it. These are people that have been placed in my life to listen not answer but to understand, people that won’t leave me to deal with my burdens alone and people who have grown into my family. I also have go to bible versus in my phone and one or two motivational posters, I listen to Gospel music and I also remember what God has brought me through so far. So, when Dramatherapy is jarring or feels like ‘too much’ I simply give it to God, point blank hahaaa! which means I pray it out, cry it out, scream it out or simply write it out.

I really hope this blog post helps at least one of you reading, please share it and don’t hesitate to contact me on twitter, instagram or privately via email (, see you next week Queens and Kings…

Peace and love TishaJayy xxx

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3 thoughts on “Faith vs Therapy

  1. Dominique says:


    This was such a good topic. I renewed my faith in God in 2015 and shortly after I experienced loss. If it wasn’t for my faith in God and my attendance at church prior, I don’t think I would be writing this response. I too started my blog once my faith gave me the confidence to do all of the things that I said I wanted to and to step out of my comfort zone.

    I have so much faith and I have also had therapy. Therapy is so useful and I always advise people who are going through dark times to consider it. Although my faith in God comes first, my therapist was able to reaffirm my potential to remove myself from emotionally harmful situations that was hindering my growth and which could have impacted on my faith. When it comes to faith and therapy I agree that it doesn’t have to be one or the other, both can go hand in hand.

    Liked by 1 person

    • itshermelanin says:

      Thank you for such an amazing and incredible response! Keep on growing in your faith and continue to explore yourself through the therapy you have and I’m happy that both have allowed you to evolve into who you’re destined to be.
      Peace and love sis, TishaJayy xx


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