What it do 2017?

Hey my beautiful Queens and kings,

What it do?! How’s your 2017 going so far? Not enjoying the gloomy January we’ve just had? (UK) Welp, Me neither! I don’t know about you but I’ve decided not to start my 2017 until February! but before we get into all that I’m going to answer the question that I know some of you shade throwers are asking…

Why has she called this blog post ‘Episode’? Grab some ginger beer and I will tell you. An episode is ‘an incident in the course of a series of events, in a person’s life or experience’, this means that each one of these blog posts or episodes are going to be an event, an experience from my life as a student Drama therapist and born again christian, got it? cool. Now that thats over with let’s start on why I’ve postponed my 2017…

After taste…

To me, January always feels like the after taste of the previous year, why you ask? well keep sipping that ginger beer and get comfy. So imagine you just had a double cheese burger, tastes good right? you added ketchup and took out the pickles so you know it’s lit! Now imagine the burp and don’t pretend you’re too nice to know what I’m talking about. Now imagine the extra pounds you put on and now I want you to imagine if you did not have that burger! No nasty burp and no extra pounds! well in December I’m always rushing around, always stressing and forever eating and eating and EATING!!! This makes my January lazy, burdensome and to put it bluntly dead, so to get over all of those feelings I use January as the time to revitalise myself; I set goals for the year, sort out any loose ends and realign my relationship with God (the last one is new).This means that by mid January I’m ready for my year and more importantly excited to spring board into the new year! Maybe next year you should give it a try.

Looking back…  

2016 was a roller coaster, actually compared to my 2015 it was literally a God send. I got baptized, I started my journey as a Drama therapist and also re-found myself. The re-finding myself is constantly a working progress as everyday I change and evolve but now it’s met with happiness rather than fear. Don’t get me wrong I’ve made a lot of mistakes in 2016 but I’m cool with the mistakes after all I’m a working progress. Hold up I’m going to grab my journal and see how far I’ve come….

Okay I’m back …I don’t usually say this but OMG! Y’all ain’t reading this isshh but let me tell you it’s juicy HA! Shade throwers its not that type of juicy but still juicy. Things that I will share with you are:

  1. I have literally filtered out all of the people who either I was toxic with (arguments and all that good stuff) or the people who have the ‘potential’ to be great but had toxic behaviours… oh the irony.
  2. My opinions on marriage, sex and identity have drastically changed, if you just cringed at the fact that I dared to mention sex on this blog, it ain’t for you bruh!
  3. I’m actually learning to sit with the emotions and experiences I go through (positive or negative) rather than be uncomfortable with them.
  4. My 22nd year of my life that I’m in… is the year of fine tuning.

Looking forward…

I’ve decided that 2017 is my year to level-up, do you remember when you’d face the bad guy in Mario? yeah well each year until I’m 30 I promise to level-up to the next baddie and start a new project for ‘It’sHerMelanin’…My goals:

  1. Build relationships –  with God, God-babbies, family, friends who are practically family and future hubby (where art thou?)
  2. Excel- ItsHerMelanin( you my legacy), fitness and don’t ask who I want to look good for? because my answer will be Tisha der! P.s I’m Tisha.
  3. Travel – this year I want to go Amsterdam and Paris for sure and if that means solo travel then so be it! I also want a big holiday in the sumer after my birthday so God willing.

There’s one more but I’m not about to boast and make a false idol of something, so watch this space yo!

No part time ting!

You shade throwers will be rolling your eyes and flicking that 18inch brazillian like ‘whatever girl’ but nah I’ve promised God and myself that I will level up! So there is no going back for me, plus I got one life on this earth and I need to take advantage of it!

Your turn…

Set your goals,  be happy and enjoy the journey, let’s level-up this 2017 together.

peace and love Tisha Jayy xx


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