Staying in shalom -Personal Therapy

Hey Queens and Kings,

I hope all is going well and you enjoyed the few days we had of sunshine (back to the rain). The last time I posted on my blog I was talking about guarding your peace and I mentioned staying in Shalom. So just to recap staying in Shalom is a frame of mind, imagine still water. When a stone gets thrown in still water it unsettles it for a moment but as soon as that moment is over the water remains still…get it? Basically staying in Shalom is an active process that I believe we should do in order to better control how our mental health affects us. So if you haven’t already guessed the next four/five posts will be about ‘Personal therapy’, processes/frame works you can follow in order to help when mental issues get a bit too much.

Wow… Mental health?! 

Some of you will be like hold up? I came hear to get the good word and Tisha is talking about Mental health…..She’s putting things in my head. Let me stop you there! Just incase you didn’t see the Youtube videos this channel is a page that aims to promote positive mental health with the good word alongside. Having struggled with my own mental health I feel like its my duty to spread anything I can that may help you guys personally or help you guys help someone you know. Now mental health as whole is a topic nobody seems comfortable with acknowledging, it’s that one eyed puppy left in the kennel; we know it exists but we don’t like to give it attention. I know this is factual when talking about some Black communities and Women it’s either we don’t like talking about it or we our mental health is not taken seriously… but those two topics are for another time and separate blog posts.

Let’s get a little personal and real!

I suffer from mental health issues …SHOCK…HORROR…CALL THE CRAZY POPO…serious Tisha serious. I suffer from having low points (everyone does to an extent), similar to depression but by my description not as severe and I also suffer from social anxiety; I don’t like big crowds or new people (writing about it is a weird feeling for me but hey). If you are family/friends or even somebody that I work with you may be thinking ‘Tisha? really not the Tisha I know’, well i’m sorry to burst your unrealistic bubble but yes the Tisha you know. The reason why i’ve not really told people is because I studied drama at secondary school, college and university this helped me to mask all the rubbish I was feeling, I mean sometimes I just couldn’t function but I quickly learnt how to manage those moments. I recognize my triggers and know when i’m falling into my low points/ when the social anxiety is getting a bit too much and so know what I can do to fight those MOFOS. Though my first point of call even before I was saved was my bible; simply because I found it comforting and it always without fail helped to calm me down or lift my spirits.

My personal mental health is also the reason why I want to become a drama therapist as drama helped me and so many people that I know and even a few people that I work alongside. I have to say that I am one of the lucky people who suffer from mental health (sounds crazy but bare with me), some people who suffer from mental health issues do not have support from friends and family and even though most of my family and friends don’t know about my mental health issues they are still such an amazing support system form me.

How I stay in Shalom….or stay level headed when things get a bit much.

Escape from the city or simply go where there is nuff green tings aha! So when my head feels heavy and i need to clear my mind I will walk and put my headphones. I also learnt how to just not think about anything during these walks/escapes.

Though this time I took it to the extreme and went on a mini trek through Bradgate park.

It was beautiful, peaceful and the company was not bad either.

When you learn the power of not thinking of anything, the big things become micro. – TishaJayy

Love and Peace Tisha Jayy xxx


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