Perception of Self- Guarding your Peace.

Hey Queens and my Kings,

 It has been a few weeks (Sorry) since we last met on this wonderful yet addictive social media world. I hope you’ve been good and this week has been productive in whatever season of you’re life you are in now. I was sitting in church on Sunday and Pastor was preaching some home truths (as always) that I had to share with my ‘It’sHerMelanin’ family. The word was about not letting external issues/people/situations unsettle you internally, not giving things more power than they need. In other words not feeding the fire with more gasoline.

 Before we get into this topic I want to say I am extending last months topic on for this post because I believe God wanted me to share the message I heard on sunday. Okay lets do this….

what do you mean by my peace?

When I talk about guarding your peace I am talking about the very thing that keeps you level headed, that state of mind, body and spirit that aligns you with the characteristics God wants us to have as his children. To love one another, to love unconditionally, to practice peace rather than destruction and know how to respect ourselves because of the God justified confidence we should have and thats just to name a few.

The war inside

You know them moments when something really gets you vex (mad) and you’re debating whether you should be plain cruel and cuss two bad words or whether you should be Gods child and smile and walk away? This is one example of the war inside, the other example is to do with faith and whether you have any or not. With all the injustices going on around the world it would be so easy to lose faith in Gods plan, but God knows why what’s happening is happening and so he will see us through as he sees fit. In John 14:1 after Jesus predicts Peter’s denial he say’s ‘Let not your heart be troubled; you believe in God, believe also in me’, this is Jesus saying bad times are going to have to happen in order for the good times to come and they will not compare, do not worry just have faith and all will be well. This is something that we have to practice today as Christians …have FAITH no matter how bad the circumstance may seem (or how vex you get).

Staying in shalom

Most of us know Shalom as a greeting or a well wishing but the way my Pastor explained it was that it was a state of mind and state of being that Christians should be encouraged to keep.

‘keep your heart with all diligence, For out of it spring the issues of life’     -Proverbs 4:23

Shalom means to always be at peace, always protect your peace and never be quick to anger. This was something that really stuck with me because whilst there are people/things that will test our peace we must always be in control of how we react.

Now this weeks post is short and sweet but I do hope this weeks post was helpful to you guys.

Peace and love TishaJayy



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