Perception of self – My purpose 

Hey Queens and of course kings, 

First of all sorry this ones late, no I’m nota out go MIA. It has been my moms birthday and we had celebrations and I’ve just been focusing on that but we back yo! So this weeks post is about purpose, our purpose can come in different shapes and sizes during different seasons of our lives. I believe purpose has two strands to it:

1. Our main purpose (God given).

2. How we practice it in the world, for example through a job or in my case a social change movement.

1. Our main purpose (God given) …

Now as a born again developing Christian I have to make you sure that you know (if you are born again) that our purpose is to spread the word of God and to encourage and inspire non-believers to turn to Christianity and seek a relationship with God #godsarmy. In the second epistle of Paul the apostle to the Corinthians he states ’20Now then, we are embassadors for Christ, as though God were pleading through us: we implore you on christ’s behalf be reconciled with God.’ 2Cor 5:20. So in order to fulfil our God given purpose of spreading the word we must really submit ourselves to God, which is something I believe helps us to become reconciled with God. Submitting to God 100% is not an easy task to do, I will be honest here and say submission is something I struggle with but I will always keep on trying and be sincere in doing so. Now you’re asking but how do I submit? This something that your church should help you with and if you don’t have one then please try to find one. I did not have a home church for a while and didn’t think I needed one but believe me since I’ve had one my growth game has been on point. 

Let’s say you don’t have a church or maybe do not feel as though you can approach anyone at church for number of reasons (that might be a sign to find a new church). We are going to start with the basics the 10 commandments! Open your bible and study them, keep in the mindset of I will shape my new life around them and not I will keep my old life but maybe ecourporate one or two. This will encourage you to go through your life with a fine toothed comb, you will want to change what you take in from the world and also what you put out. Those around you, yourself and most importantly God will start to see those changes and will love them. Although there will be some people in your life that mock you, not like the new change and/or start to distance themselves from you, just remind yourself why you are doing it. Let them talk, let them mock and be confident in the child of God your are becoming. In regards to the distancing themselves from you this can be very hard because it could be anyone from family members and childhood friends to colleagues, again let them but always wish them well and remember God may be bringing them out of your life in order to make room for you to work on his behalf or to bring blessings. You will also see more tests come your way because the devil will start to panic and throw things at you that he thinks will make you stumble and sometimes they won’t be in plain sight the will be disguised as what you desire or even dressed up in Christianity. Pray, seek scripture and guidance from the Holy Spirit/ mentors at your church. Now let’s move onto point two….

2.How to practice it int the world….

Life keeps on moving and eventhough God lets us have free will there will always be opportunities to fulfil your God given purpose. It could be through a career choice like becoming a writer, therapist, teacher, nurse, pastor, social worker and it could also be through social situations like a simple conversations, a work do or a trip to the shop. To help you understand I haven two examples of how I feel I am fufiling my God given purpose. The first is through ‘it’s her melanin’ I created ‘it’/ her melanin’ in order to support the positive mental health issues of women using Gods word in order to help tackle those issues, I want spread the word of God as a testimony against any mental health problems that devil throws our way. The second example is a charity run I did, on the day I was feeling very low and became very anxious about doing the race but in the bible it says to be selfless, charitable and seek justice thus me in both examples fulfilling my god given purpose. Both of which stem from things I enjoy or talents God has given me.

End point….

God gives us one purpose and many gifts that he knows will enable us to fulfil our purpose but he also gives us the freedom of free will. Unfortunately some of use this free will to go against God completely but it is up to us as Christians to help those who do so to refrain from sin and seek a relationship with God and fulfil their purpose.
Peace and light 

TishaJayy xxx


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