Things to come…

Hey Queens and of course Hey kings,

So its been a minute but if you follow ALL of my social media outlets (linked at the end of this post) then you should know that Yes, ‘It’sHerMelanin’ has been very quiet but the work rate has been 110%. I’ve been working on so many new projects for you amazing people and I wanted to execute all of them properly, without having dry spells in between (Let the glow up season begin). Just to make it easier (for all of us) I am going to break a few things down.

 The Blog

Phew! Because you are reading this you know ‘It’sHerMelanin’ has it’s own official blog. This will be the main outlet, the hub so to say of ‘It’sHerMelanin’.

You will see all of the projects I work on be showcased here and there will also be things like casting calls for those aspiring actors and actresses, music request for those of you that would like your music to be featured on ‘It’sHerMelanin’ content and so much more collaboration opportunities for creatives who aim to make a positive social impact on the current and future generations. I know, I Know you’re like Tisha?! Cut to the juicy bits….Content?

 Basic formula

First things first every month here at ‘It’sHerMelanin’ will have a specific theme for example July’s theme is ‘Perception of self’. This theme will then be broken down into specific topics of which will be discussed in weekly blog posts. Disclaimer: these posts will be faith based, which means they will be led and supported by scripture, bible scripture to be exact as I am Christian. Don’t think I did not just see you roll your eyes, listen you may not be born again but I can guarantee you God’s word will speak to you in some shape, way or form, so please just give it a chance. To those of you who are born again here is another disclaimer: These posts are how I understand the word, if you feel like I’m not hitting the point correctly then please correct me but do not bring any negative spirits to this movement.

 The Tube of You (YouTube)

Now this is where getting out of my comfort zone and giving it all to God will really be put into play because I have so many web-series written, short films I am producing and poetry to put out into the world of YouTube that I honestly don’t know where to start. Any crazy creative like myself will know how each piece of work you produce is like a piece of your soul and so putting it out there and letting it leave your comfort zone can seem like a daunting task.


As a born again Christian woman and after consulting with God I have to know that know matter the outcome and as long as I am glorifying his name then I am doing what I am supposed to be doing. Thus (who even says thus) I have release the content I create. In other words watch out for September, Something great is about to be created and brought into your attention.


If I were you one of my main question would be but TishaJayy? A who she be? (that’s patios if you didn’t know…google it bruh). Well to answer your question I’m just a black, British, Caribbean, queen getting her black girl magic on and changing her mess into a God given purpose. I’m a 22 year old as of today (yaaas it’s my birthday), who learned how to love herself and God, both of those things were a struggle even though they were both installed in me from a young age but I’d like to think that I’ve made leaps of progress. Some people seem to think that born again Christians are judgmental hypocrites, nope that’s not the case at all (there are some, yes but no more than in your circle of non-Christians). My testimony is one that I never thought I’d share at all, as I was a person that didn’t like to share the things that I believed made me weak but little did I know those things (anxiety, low points, low self esteem, no knowledge of self and having no relationship with God because of the sinful life I was living) would actually be the very experiences that would equip me to making ‘It’sHerMelain’ a reality.


Those experiences led me to become baptized, which created this love for God and in actual fact made my purpose a lot clearer to me. I was baptized on the 13th of March 2016, so I am very much a baby in my Christianity walk and when I stumble I know Gods like ‘poor ting, poor chile’ (yes, God was just talking in patios). This does not mean I wont feel like enough, it means because I know the holy spirit is guiding me every step of the way that I’m good, in fact I’m blessed. I will stumble and I will struggle but my intentions will be in the right place and as long as my focus is on God I’m in the right lane.

 Let’s round it up

I think I’ve covered about three different topics in this post but hey what you gonna do!? The projects I have in the pipeline for this movement with Gods grace are going to be so amazing and I hope they help at least one person with unlocking their positive mental health potential. Okay, I will stop typing now… thank you for taking the time out to read and if you made it this far ‘you the real MVP’ ahha.


Peace and light


TishaJayy xx




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