From my Soul to my heart (you)…

Dear my heart,

The dream in It’s adolescents…

So ‘It’s Her Melanin’ is certainly in It’s beginning stages and I am so dedicated to making it work for all of you, my beautiful audience. That means that in these early days there may be quiet periods but that does not mean I am not working unbelievably hard. Everyday I dedicate time to working on ‘It’s Her Melanin’, sometimes it’s before work or after and sometimes It’s even during my breaks that I’m thinking about ways I can make this movement have a positive impact on the correct audience.


God has been testing me lately and I know it may seem a cliche to say but he has shown me how determined and strong of a black woman I really am. There have been so many times before being saved and being in similar situations I would have said “this is too much my dreams can wait, I will just focus on my job” but I haven’t. Instead I’ve prayed, took a deep breath, taken a look at all the messages and support I’ve received in such a short time and I marched through the troubles.

No it has not been easy but with God by my side it has meant that the burdens have been passed onto him and because he loves me and I have blind faith in him, I’m always reminded that everything is going according to his plan. Thus even though I find it hard to see the bigger picture, God has already written and so It’s my job to put it into action.

Believe in yourself baby!

I know that God believes in me but know It’s my turn.

Growing up as a minority you get told certain illusions through the media, educational institutions and sometimes within your personal circles. The main illusion that you are told is that ‘YOU ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH’, this can create a basis for self-hate. Hating yourself for being a minority, whether that minority is being a woman or being a person of colour or any other social minority group is something that really upsets me but also something that I understand. Thankfully I also had what I like to call positive ‘role models and identity enablers’, my family is full of women of different shades of colour who have their own identity and sense of empowerment. This was passed down to me and don’t get me wrong I’ve looked in the mirror many a times and wished something about my looks or gender was different because of the inequalities I was facing but as I got older I learnt that the very things I wanted to change were the very things that made me TishaJayy, a beautiful black woman who’s deeply creative and wild mind could not be denied to the world.

Believing in myself is something that I am always working on but also something that is also very deeply rooted in the cracks of my mind and the darkness of my soul. If I did not believe in myself none of this would have happened, none of this would have been my reality. I would have been doing my 9-5 and still day dreaming about how I’m going to make ‘It’s Her Melanin’. Instead I know that ‘It’s Her Melanin’ will be a movement that will help women of colour over come mental health issues. It will help women who have faced mental health demons which I have faced and continue to face to say “I see you but I do not give you life. You want me to hate what makes me truly me and I will not let you worm your way into my life”. It will give our daughters, nieces and younger sister the chance to love themselves before the world say they can’t and it will open the eyes of the ignorant.

My challenge to you…

I want you to pretend you have the future you desire, I mean it close your eyes and see it, smell it, taste it and give thanks for it. Now see the obstacles you had to overcome, Can you see them yet? Write them down in RED. Now next to them write how you will overcome them. The overcoming may take weeks, even months and sometimes years but write it down. Now say how much you want it, Who will benefit and dare to imagine how many people will be inspired by the you that ACHIEVED THEIR DREAMS.


Remember that you are in charge of your own happiness and only you (Strengthened by God) can make it a reality. Do not be afraid of hard work, do not be afraid of sacrifice but be afraid of not living your true life.

Love from my soul.DP